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My name is Susanne Robertsson and lives in a suburb to Stockholm in Sweden.

I have the prefix ZUE DOGGY-BOOMS since 1989.

I fell in love with the yorkshireterrier, when I as a child yearly went to the big dog show in Stockholm , to look at all the wonderful dogs.

Me and my sister always stopped at the ring, where the lovely little dog, with the amazing long hair and beautiful head, appeared.

The owners stood there and brushed and brushed their yorkies and the coat just shined.

Just there my dream started, to own such a wonderful dog.

I bought my first yorkshireterrier 1986 from the kennel Joe-Hill´s as a family dog and the second dog from kennel Ancylus.

Ancylus Bunny was the dog who I started my showing career with, and she was even the mother to my first Swedish Champion Zue Doggy-Booms Claudius, which he became 1993.  His father was INTCH NORDCH NW-89,90 SW-90 Debonaire´s Believe In Music.

After that I bought my first dog from Bernice Undén, kennel Debonaire´s.  

A lovely bitch with the name Debonaire's On My Mind "Monia"  She became my second Swedish Champion. Her colors are excellent, even now when she is 10 years old, and mother of 16th puppies.

”Monia” have given me the best a brood bitch can give a breeder. Excellent puppies where five has became champions. They started my carrier up among the breeders in Sweden.

I've been placed at our top 10 breeders list nr 9/1996, 4/1997, 5/1998, 5/1999, 5/2000, 2/2001 and 2/2002.

I've also had a breeders group who became 4th and Reserve Best In Show during year 2000.  

I´ve a Best In Show Puppy  at Swedish Terrierclubs 100 years event in Rosersberg, 7 june 2003.
Zue Doggy-Booms Ritzy N´Cool "Robbie".

So far I've breed and own 13 champions, 4 is also an International champions.

My dogs are bred out of lines from Debonaire´s, Ozmilion and De Majodian.  

2002 I imported my first dog from Germany.
Pharao´s My Brandnew Toy "Timmy" 
Breeder Sascha Schäfer, kennel Pharao´s.
I hope his bloodlines will give me new excellent puppies.

2003 my second import come home to me
Pharao´s Oh Sole Mio "Maggie".

 I spend most of my time with my yorkies, and give them as mutch love and care they need.  

I have worked in Swedish Yorkshireterrier club for 10 years, the last six as the secretary, now it´s just my sister Eva involved in it. 

Susanne Robertsson


SE-197 93 BRO


Phone/Fax +46-(0)8-26 03 84
Mobil 070-646 24 76